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LSDKJF omg hi sorry anon, I’VE JUST BEEN GETTING ASKED TO DO A FEW COMMISSIONS LATELY and I want to have those finished before I do too many personal projects. ;__; Also, Dur’s just really hard for me to draw, YOU’D THINK HE BE EASY SINCE HE ONLY HAS ONE VISIBLE EYE, BUT NOPE, LEOS DON’T WANNA BE DRAWN. 

But aaaa, I’ll keep in mind to draw him more (and update my tumblr more in general)!

  1. akanekari said: SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR ME PLS
  2. wasabu said: omg wow can durandal get any hotter @_@ <3
  3. niaro said: AH OMG WOAH HI BABY…
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